If you have a small hole in your tooth, otherwise known as a cavity, you need to get it filled. This procedure is important for restoring your oral health.

Tooth fillings in Gardendale

Are you a good candidate for fillings?

Cavities are incredibly common. If you’re missing any tooth structure, it’s imperative to get that empty space filled. Failure to do so can lead to discomfort and further oral health problems.

Fillings are generally designed for people who’ve lost some tooth structure, but also still have a significant number of healthy teeth. If one or more of your teeth need to be extracted, crowns, bridges, or implants could be a better solution for you.

If you want to fill in a chipped area of your tooth, or you’d like to change one or more discolored teeth, you might be a better candidate for other treatment options.

What to Expect Once You Have Fillings

Soreness at injection site  and tooth sensitivity is totally normal after undergoing any dental procedures. Numbness can also be experienced for a few hours after the procedure but should wear off shortly.  

It is very important after the short recovery time to maintain proper home oral care practices. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and visiting our Gardendale dentist regularly for cleanings.

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In Need of a Dental Filling?

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