Implant Restorations

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implant restorations

Dental implants are one of the best ways to restore your smile. They consist of three parts: the metal screwlike post that replaces the tooth root, the crown that functions as a replacement tooth, and the abutment that connects the screw to the crown.

If you are in need of implant placement, we will refer you to a surgical expert. If your implants need restoration, our Gardendale dentist will provide the care you need in our office.

implant restorations in Gardendale

who's a good candidate for implant restorations?

If you’re missing teeth, it’s important to get them replaced. Along with making it more difficult to eat or speak, missing teeth can also cause further oral health complications, since the empty space leaves room for bacteria to grow.

Before you can get an implant restoration, you need to have:

  • Healthy Gum Tissue

  • Sufficient Jawbone Density

If you’re unsure whether you’re a good candidate, please visit our office for a consultation. Patients who can’t get implants may be a better fit for dentures.

what to expect from implant restorations

There are all kinds of procedures you can get using restorations. If you’ve only lost one tooth, you might choose to get a single implant. Patients who’ve lost many teeth, on the other hand, might choose to get implant restorations.

Dental implants are designed to replace both the look and feel of your natural teeth. This means you won’t need to make significant changes to your diet. Once the area has healed, you will be able to eat all your favorite foods.

You will also need to brush and floss regularly. Proper home care can help the implants themselves last a lifetime, though you may need to replace the crowns every 10-15 years.

do you need implant restorations in gardendale, alabama?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Magnolia Dental, we’re committed to helping patients restore their oral health in a comfortable environment. This includes making sure their dental implants are functioning properly!

Do you have any questions about what we can do for you? Would you like to speak with someone at our office about booking an appointment? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! We’ll be happy to speak with you.

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